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Succession Solutions

At its core, our acquisitions pillar aims to retain and develop the Memphis manufacturing base. By facilitating the sale of businesses from existing owners to entrepreneurs interested in business ownership through acquisition, the program ensures a seamless transition that promotes cultural diversity throughout the Memphis community.


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Facilitating Business Creation or Acquisition

The Black Business Association of Memphis (BBA) offers our Succession Solutions program to business owners in the area. The program's main goal is to bridge the gap in Memphis' economy and promote cultural diversity. In order to do that, we identify target sectors that have high growth potential for our Memphis professionals and help facilitate business creation or acquisition.

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to acquire a business or a business owner considering selling, our program offers a platform to connect and match potential buyers and sellers. We bring together a network of Memphis entrepreneurs, ambitious managers, and community partners to create valuable opportunities for business ownership and growth. Start your path to success with our Succession Solutions today.

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Comprehensive Wealth Creation

Our Business Succession Plan Service

Through this program, we facilitate introductions, connections, and consultations between existing companies and groups of employees to ensure a successful handover of ownership. This allows entrepreneurs and employees to find opportunities for new business ventures. In doing so, we allow collaboration between former business owners, job training programs, community development organizations, banking partners, and more.

At the BBA, we understand that business succession is an important step for any business, so we take a comprehensive approach to the entire acquisition process. We assist with the planning and execution of a business transfer from start to finish. This includes assistance with developing comprehensive plans for wealth transfer, inheritance tax planning, estate planning, and asset protection strategies. Our team also helps business owners with the financial, legal, and tax implications of a successful transfer.

The purchasers could be groups of employees, individuals, or groups of entrepreneurs. There are no detailed eligibility criteria for this program beyond business owners interested in selling their businesses and entrepreneurs interested in purchasing them. Once entrepreneurs are accepted into the program, their creditworthiness and ability to raise or borrow capital will be assessed to ensure a successful acquisition process.

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Helping Memphis Business Owners Through Retirement

Why Choose Our Business Succession Services

One of the biggest benefits of our Succession Solutions program is that it helps business owners through retirement. We provide guidance for planning, liquidation of assets, and retirement resources to help business owners exit their businesses in a secure manner.

The Succession Solutions program provides an invaluable resource to local business owners in the Memphis area. Through our comprehensive approach and access to resources, the BBA is dedicated to helping create wealth-creation strategies, facilitate business succession plans, and create opportunities for entrepreneurs. By doing so, we are striving to bridge the gap in Memphis' economy and provide our citizens with financial stability.

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For Entrepreneurs

Discover the path to business ownership through acquisition at our upcoming workshop. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or new to the business world, this workshop is tailored to provide you with the knowledge and tools to kickstart the acquisition process. Learn about acquisition entrepreneurship, explore strategies for finding and evaluating businesses for sale, and gain valuable insights from industry experts. Don't miss this opportunity to take the first step towards acquiring your own business and register today!

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For Business Owners

Are you considering selling your business? Attend our workshop and discover how our Succession Solutions pillar can help you find the right buyer. By listing your business with our program, you have the opportunity to be matched with motivated entrepreneurs who are seeking to purchase businesses like yours. Gain access to a network of potential buyers and maximize your chances of finding the perfect successor. Take advantage of this valuable resource and start the process of selling your business today.

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At BBA, we are committed to providing our members with the most comprehensive services and tools for their business succession needs. We provide guidance on how to prepare for an eventual exit from a business venture, create wealth planning strategies, identify potential buyers or investors, and outline a detailed succession plan. With the help of our knowledgeable staff, business owners can make informed decisions about their succession options and create successful wealth-creation strategies for their future. Get in touch with us today!

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