COVID-19 Relief and Assistance

The City of Memphis is partnering with local nonprofits, MIFA, Arts Memphis, Black Business Association Of Memphis, and Welcome to Memphis, to distribute CARES Act funding in the form of utility and rent/mortgage assistance and individual financial awards to Memphis residents who have lost income due to COVID-19. Applicants must apply online and provide documentation of job loss or reduction of hours due to the pandemic.

MIFA Emergency Relief Program

The Memphis City Council Emergency Relief Program assists Memphis residents who have experienced a layoff, reduction in hours, or workplace restriction or closure due to COVID-19. The amount of utility assistance and rent or mortgage assistance provided depends on the amount owed, up to a maximum of $800. Households may apply for both types of assistance. For more information or to apply, visit

Welcome to Memphis Covid-19 Relief Fund

Welcome to Memphis Covid-19 Relief Fund will provide individual relief funds to hospitality service employees. This will be a one-time disbursement of $300. Eligible recipients are hourly workers of hotels, restaurants, bars, tourist attractions, convention services, or tour operators. For more information or to apply, visit or call 901-543-5327.

ArtsMemphis Artist Emergency Fund

ArtsMemphis, in partnership with Music Export Memphis, will provide another phase of Artist Emergency Funding. Artists of all disciplines and employees laid off or furloughed by Memphis-based nonprofit arts and culture organizations after March 1, 2020, are eligible. Available relief funds are up to $1,000 per individual. Applicants must apply online at or call 901-341-0409 for assistance.

Black Business Association of Memphis is acting as a fiscal agent to distribute funds received from the City of Memphis for residents of the City employed as Personal Care Professionals adversely effected due to COVID-19.

You are eligible if you are a City of Memphis resident and you work at any of these types of businesses:









For more information or to apply, visit