Mr. Anthony Chalmers of the Financial Strategy Group, PLC

Mr. Anthony Chalmers is a CPA, Principal-Partnership and Corporate Taxation for the prestigious Financial Strategy Group, PLC. FSG consists of certified public accountants who offer comprehensive financial and tax planning. Their clientele includes corporate executives, sole proprietors, retirees, clergy, and individuals from all walks of life. Whether you are seeking simple tax saving techniques or more complex issues regarding real estate or retirement, FSG is ready to provide you with customized assistance.

Why use FSG? They are comprehensive, creative, and credible. They don’t sell any products and are committed to implementing the right steps for meeting your goals. Their financial planning tool, the Cashflow Fingerprint, is one of many aspects of their business we believe you will find both unique and beneficial. We are fortunate to have Mr. Chalmers as part of the BBA Memphis Membership community.

To learn more on how to connect with him and the entire FSG team, visit the website here: