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Next-Level Leadership: How Leadership Skills Support Black Economic Development in Memphis

When it comes to leadership development, the Black Business Association of Memphis (BBA) is committed to helping Black business owners and managers build their leadership skills and grow Black wealth in the Memphis community. Part of that is accomplished through our Memphis ReStart Initiative, which focuses on leadership development as one of the three pillars: Talent, Acquisitions, and Talent Connections.

The first pillar of the initiative, Talent, is focused on Next-Level Leadership. At BBA, we believe that leadership is the key to unlocking the potential for Black economic prosperity and growth. Through Next-Level Leadership, we provide comprehensive leadership training programs that empower aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge and resources needed for successful leadership.

At BBA, we are passionate about empowering Black business owners within our Memphis community. Providing Black business owners and entrepreneurs with leadership skills is crucial in promoting Black economic development. Join BBA and our Memphis Restart Initiative and help us support Black economic development through our commitment to leadership development.


Components of Next-Level Leadership

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The Talent pillar of our ReStart Initiative is focused on leadership development. In order to help Black business owners and entrepreneurs reach their leadership potential, we have assembled a team of instructional curriculum developers, seasoned industry experts, and local employers who can provide comprehensive leadership training. Our leadership development courses will cover topics such as business acumen, financial planning, sales, and executive leadership to help provide participants with the leadership skills they need to succeed.

By focusing on leadership training, we hope to equip participants with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate the world of entrepreneurship and business ownership. Beyond class work, Next-Level Leadership will provide networking opportunities, seminars, and our Growth Coaching opportunity. Growth Coaching will help Black entrepreneurs or business owners explore career and business models in a way that is tailored to their experiences, education, capacity, and opportunities in the market.

Leadership Development and Building Black Wealth

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But how does leadership development work toward our mission of building Black wealth in the Memphis community? In order to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners, we need to provide them with the education, knowledge, and resources they need to take their business or career to the next level. From connecting Black business owners and workers to developing crucial leadership skills, leadership development is the key to helping create more equitable opportunities for Black entrepreneurs and professionals. By focusing on leadership development and training for Black entrepreneurs, business owners, and employees, we are taking steps to build Black wealth within our community.

Provide Networking Opportunities for Professionals and Entrepreneurs


Professional networking is not only an opportunity to gain contacts, but it is also a way to foster relationships with key individuals who can provide career advice, job leads, and even funding. But we understand that networking can be difficult for some. That's why, through our Talent pillar, we aim to make it easier to network with local business owners and entrepreneurs. Our leadership development training includes professional networking seminars and workshops where members can develop the leadership skills necessary to build their own network and gain access to the resources they need.

Develop the Leadership Skills Needed To Be Successful in the Business World

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Leadership is essential for success in business, and the right leadership development can help participants gain the leadership abilities needed to thrive. Through leadership training, entrepreneurs and professionals can gain knowledge on topics such as financial planning, executive leadership, sales, and more. With these skills, they can learn how to create and manage successful businesses or careers.

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Experience Seminars Tailored to the Needs of Business Owners and Professionals


Leadership development is not a one-size-fits-all approach for everyone. That’s because leadership development needs to be tailored to the individual’s own goals, experiences, and capacities. That’s why our leadership training program aims to provide seminars tailored to the specific needs of Black business owners or professionals. Our team of experts will host workshops and seminars on topics such as financial planning, sales, leadership development, network building, and more. That way, participants can learn about different aspects of leadership development, and gain more information on areas where they want to hone their skills. Combine that with the customized approach of our Growth Coaching, and our leadership training program is a tailored way to help Black entrepreneurs or professionals reach their leadership goals.

Foster Relationships With Local Employers and Industry Experts

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When it comes to building leadership skills, having relationships with local employers and experts is essential. These relationships can be a helpful resource for entrepreneurs and professionals list, as they can provide job leads, advice, industry tips, and more. Furthermore, local businesses and experts already have an established network of contacts and their own set of leadership skills, giving them a unique advantage when it comes to providing advice and guidance based on their personal experiences. We understand this, which is why through Next-Level Leadership, we hope to help participants foster relationships with local employers and industry experts. By creating connections between participants and employers or industry experts, we can help aspiring entrepreneurs gain access to funding and other helpful resources.

Empower Black Economic Development and Take Part in Our Next-Level Leadership

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Empowering Black business owners with leadership development opportunities creates a powerful pathway to Black wealth creation. This leadership development can also serve to educate and train new leaders in the Memphis community on how to drive Black economic development. Through Memphis ReStart Initiative, we want to ensure that each individual who takes part in leadership training has the resources necessary to make their business a success.

At BBA and through Memphis ReStart Initiative's Next-Level Leadership, Black business owners and employees can gain the leadership skills needed to drive their businesses to success and be part of the Next-Level Leadership development. Join BBA today and help make a difference in Memphis.

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